Aluminum can

Buying aluminium can

LLC "Steklorezerve" buys aluminium cans at the Murmansk highway, 2.

We buy cans to any extend both in bulk and pressed.

The level of price starts at 42 000 roubles per ton. If needed more cullet the price is set according to the contract depending on the volume and the level of dirt. We guarantee timely payment.


Buying aluminium can

LLC "Steklorezerve" makes the preprocessing of cans, catharizes them, compresses them and makes them ready for futher usage.

Our monthly volume of aluminium cans makes up to more than 200 tons.


Contact us

Please, send your demands to or call 8 (921) 943-37-87. A contact person: Linkevich Inna +7 (921) 943 37 87