Cullet is secondary raw material, crushed glass which is melted down and used to create new glass products. Glass is 100% recyclable material. When it is recycled no additional waste is created.

The cullet is used to produce glassware. There are clear benefits of using cullet:

  • дороговизна исходных материалов

    Expensive raw materials

    The raw materials for glass production (silica, soda and lime) and the production itsels are expensive. Cullet allows to save up to 30% of these materials. Each ton of processed cullet saves more than one ton of raw materials including 650 kg of sand, 186 kg of soda and about 200 kg of lime.

  • Экономия ресурса печи

    Glass furnace resource saving

    The use of cullet allows to lower the temperature of the furnace because it does not need very high temperature to melt. The refractories are used up slower and that is how the furnace resources are economized. The higher the percentage of cullet used the slower the furnaces are used up. Therefore the expensive repair is needed much more seldom.

  • Экономия электроэнергии

    Economy of electric power

    The use of cullet allows to lower electricity consumption up to 9%.

  • Экологичное производство

    Environmentally friendly production

    Processing of cullet prevents getting it to polygons. Also the use of cullet in production reduces carbon emission into the atmosphere.

Types of cullet

There are 4 types of cullet accordint to the types of glassware:

  • Green
  • Colorless
  • Amber
  • Half white sheet

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