Our partners

We provide the following glass factories with cullet:

  • LLC Chagodoschensky glass factory and Co
  • PLC Kirishsky glass factory (Kirishi)
  • PLC Aktis (Rostov)
  • LLC Kamyshinsky glass factory (Kamyshin)
  • PLC Veda-Pak (Kingisepp)
  • LLC ChSZ-L (Lipetsk)
  • LLC the Juice Island (Ulijanovsk)
  • PLC Ruzayevsky glassware factory (Ulijanovsk)
  • PLC Sen-Goben Kavminsteklo (Mineralnye Vody)
  • PLC Sen-Goben construction production Rus (Yegoryevsk)
  • LLC RASKO (Voronej)

Also we cooperate with the companies in Saint-Petersburg that carry out and process waste (including discarded bottles at the brewing and distillery companies):

  • LLC Garant
  • LLC NPF Ecodot
  • PLC Kolpin autobase SpetsTrans

Also we cooperate with organizations that supply glass bottles.